Magic Carpet Fuses Fun, Movement and Learning

Magic Carpet Fuses Fun, Movement and Learning images: FUNTRONIC 

Funtronic's Magic Carpet is an interactive projection floor designed as a teaching aid that uses games, exercises and other movement-based activities to immerse children in learning and active physical play.

The Magic Carpet is an interactive teaching aid that uses multimedia content to deliver a wide range of educational games that promote active play in pre-school and school-aged children. The projection tool can be used either as an interactive floor or table to motivate children to learn, move and socialize while having fun and playing with their peers.

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The Magic Carpet is available with the Funtronic EDU package, which provides educators with a diverse range of interactive games designed specifically for primary school (4th to 6th grade) and junior high school students. Funtronic also offers the Funtronic FUN package developed for kindergartens, nurseries and primary schools (1st to 3rd grade). The games capture children's attention and offer positive reinforcement through sounds, images and encouraging feedback in the form of praise and applause.

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The system uses a projector, computer and motion detector to deliver games and applications that engage children's brains while simultaneously giving them a good workout. The game Associations, for instance, challenges kids to identify the correct combination of different elements – images, numbers or words – and awards them with points when they select the right answer. The game can be used to teach seven different subjects, including math and history. The game Ships tests kids' knowledge of these subjects, challenging them to sink enemy ships by giving correct answers. The game Football uses quiz questions to test players' knowledge, speed and decision-making skills and awards them with points for responding correctly. All the games require players to move to score points.

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interactive floor gameinteractive floor game

The Funtronic projection floor can also be used in rehabilitation. The Funtronic REHAB package offers games that help improve individual children's development and are suited for children with special needs. The floor can also help with the rehabilitation of adults and the elderly.

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Based in Warsaw, Funtronic specializes in developing innovative solutions for use in educational and rehabilitation settings. The company's team of engineers is dedicated to creating affordable, high-quality teaching tools that facilitate the work of educators and engage students in lessons at every education level. Learn more about the Magic Carpet and some of the possibilities available with it in the video below.

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