Walkbot Offers Advanced Options for Gait Rehabilitation

Walkbot Offers Advanced Options for Gait Rehabilitation images: P&S MECHANICS 

Walkbot is a robot-assisted gait training system developed for the rehabilitation of patients with neurological or musculoskeletal impairments.

Walkbot is a sophisticated, robot-assisted gait training system used in the rehabilitation of patients with neurological or musculoskeletal problems. The platform can be used both with adults and children and was developed to address issues associated with a wide range of diseases, injuries and conditions. These include stroke, cerebral palsy, spinal cord injury (SCI), multiple sclerosis and brain tumors, among others. Walkbot is the result of years of specialized research and development for rehabilitation medicine and intelligent robot utilization industry.

gait training system

gait training systemgait training system

The Walkbot S, one of the models in the Walkbot series, offers a smart interactive training mode with a variety of functional exercises to deliver the optimal therapeutic effect. It was developed as a cost-effective system that uses a hip/knee/ankle joint drive motor to create the most natural gait pattern tailored to each individual patient and to speed up the recovery process. The platform uses real-time biofeedback to keep patients motivated, make them stronger, and help them walk again.

gait training

gait traininggait training system

The Walkbot K was developed for children and patients whose height is between 86 and 148 cm. It uses an ankle drive motor to enhance gait balance and correct the patient's gait pattern. The system offers clinical data on hip, knee and ankle kinematic and kinetic force during locomotion, stiffness associated with spasticity or joint contracture, and spatiotemporal data. The model has a playground design and an integrated augmented reality program to motivate children and engage them in training.

gait training

gait rehab games

gait training gamesgait training games

The Walkbot G uses dual robotic orthoses and is suitable both for adults and children. Optional products available with all three models include 3D active augmented virtual reality software, 3D motion analysis software and a force plate. The Walkbot G also comes with an optional robotic orthosis for children.

gait robotic

gait traininggait training

Walkbot was developed by P&S Mechanics, a South Korean technology company specializing in the field of medical devices, automation technology, and robot-assisted gait training systems. Watch the video below to see how the system is used in rehabilitation.

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