Dynavision Gait and Balance Sensors Introduce Advanced Movement Tracking to Therapy

Dynavision Gait and Balance Sensors Introduce Advanced Movement Tracking to Therapy images: DYNAVISION INTERNATIONAL 

Dynavision Gait and Balance sensors and the Mobility Lab platform provide physical therapists with advanced options for movement tracking and analysis.

Dynavision Gait and Balance is an innovative wearable technology that records patients' natural movements to provide therapists with data they can compare with matched norms. The technology consists of sensors that track patients' gait and balance data in real time and, combined with the Mobility Lab platform, it enables users to analyse and store the data. Developed by APDM Wearable Technologies, Mobility Lab is a sensor-based gait and analysis system that provides accurate, valid outcome measures. Dynavision and APDM partnered up in early 2016 to offer the advanced assessment system in combination with Dynavision's monitoring sensors.

gait balance sensor

gait balance sensorgait balance sensor

The Dynavision Gait and Balance system allows therapists and patients to use one to six sensors to get comprehensive data measurements for gait and balance of the upper and lower limbs, as well as analysis of postural sway and transitions. The measured parameters for gait and balance include gait speed, cadence, variability, toe out angle, and stride length and duration for the lower limbs, and arm swing speed and variability, range of motion and asymmetry for the upper limbs. The sensors also track turn speed and duration, anticipatory postural adjustment, sway area, distance, path and speed, as well as sit/stand speed. A single lumbar sensor is used for testing balance and, to get a complete overview of gait and balance parameters, therapists can use three sensors for the lower limbs or six for the entire body.

gait balance sensor

The Mobility Lab reporting platform provides users with insight into where they fit within normative values by displaying all the relevant data in charts. The norms are compared with patients' test results and users are then given an overview of their mean results, standardized to the norms. The platform offers a varied range of tests, including those for walking, 360° turns and postural sway.

gait balance sensor

Dynavision Gait and Balance has a wide range of applications. In addition to helping therapists obtain relevant and accurate data, the system is also used in pharmaceutical and movement disorder research.

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