Tacx Delivers Smart Treadmill for Running and Cycling

Tacx Delivers Smart Treadmill for Running and Cycling images: TACX 

Tacx's new Magnum smart home trainer is a unique, revolutionary treadmill for both running and cycling.

Tacx has introduced an entirely new way to train indoors with the Magnum, a revolutionary smart bike/run treadmill that delivers a highly realistic training experience, offering users simulated courses with real climbs, whether they are running or cycling. The Magnum is the world's first platform that allows users to both run and ride indoors on a single system. With speeds of up to 30 km/h, it offers options for cardio, endurance and interval training, allowing users to easily switch between running and riding. Incline and speed can be adjusted either manually or automatically.

tacx magnum cycling

The bottom of the Magnum trainer contains a foam core placed between two aluminium plates to allow for different point pressure for running and cycling. The platform slightly dents when the user's foot lands on it, but remains as stiff as concrete during cycling sessions. Sensors on the sides of the treadmill read the user's position on the bike and increase or decrease resistance depending on the user's speed, also enabling the system to react in a split second when the user brakes to prevent him or her from falling.

tacx magnum cycling

The trainer is fully automated and, as the belt instantly adjusts to any change of speed, it gives users a natural running and riding experience. With a maximum incline of 15 percent, the treadmill simulates riding under different angles, enabling riders to improve their climbing skills and train all the right muscles. It measures riders' speed, power and cadence and sends the data to the device controlling the belt. Users' data is simultaneously displayed in the Tacx Cycling app on a 32'' screen. The app also enables users to ride mountains all over the world. The Magnum uses dual band communication, which enables it to send the data to multiple devices, and is compatible with Zwift, Trainerroad, and other software that works with ANT+ or Bluetooth.

tacx magnum cycling

The Magnum comes with the Tacx Cycling app and an ANT+ dongle. The trainer will be available in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and the United Kingdom in November. Weighing 150 kg, it will be delivered and installed by a certified team.

tacx magnum cycling

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