NuTrain Enhances Athletic Performance Through Cognitive Games

NuTrain Enhances Athletic Performance Through Cognitive Games images: COGNISENS 

NuTrain is a cloud-based cognitive training app designed to enhance athletic performance in a number of different sports.

NuTrain is a cognitive training app designed to take sports training to an entirely different level. Powered by CogniSens' ground-breaking NeuroTracker technology, the app enables athletes to improve their awareness, attention, reaction time and decision-making under pressure with programs adapted to their individual needs to deliver challenging mental workouts. The cloud-based app makes training accessible anywhere, allowing athletes to train on any number of devices.

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NuTrain sessions require athletes to put on 3D glasses and track different objects as they move across the screen to boost a range of cognitive skills that are critical to sports performance. These include mental focus, sustained concentration and situational awareness. The app allows athletes to track their progress and see their abilities improve with interactive charts and detailed performance stats, also providing them with an achievements system to keep track of their milestones and stay motivated.

cognitive training games

Training with NuTrain increases athletes' processing speed and brainwave activity, leading to better and faster decision-making in competition. Competitive play is often fast and dynamic and comes with great pressure to perform. NuTrain help boost the brain functions that keep athletes' mental processing resources from becoming overwhelmed and enable them to rapidly process everything that is going on on the field, giving them a critical performance advantage.

cognitive training games

NeuroTracker, the technology behind NuTrain, is a scientifically-based tool designed for a diverse range of applications. It can measure and improve athletes' cognitive performance, patients' cognitive health, and students' learning capabilities. NeuroTracker uses 3D multiple object tracking to stimulate a range of brain functions and quickly improve cognitive abilities. The ground-breaking solution is used by a number of professional sports teams across the world, including the Vancouver Canucks and Manchester United.

cognitive training games

NuTrain and NeuroTracker were developed by CogniSens, a Montreal-based company specializing in developing neurological technologies to improve cognitive capabilities. The company's solutions are based on more than 20 years of research at the Visual Psychophysics and Perception Laboratory of the University of Montreal. NuTrain is scheduled for release in the near future.

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