Dynavision Effective in Vision Training and Concussion Management

Dynavision Effective in Vision Training and Concussion Management images: DYNAVISION, FACEBOOK 

The Dynavision D2 was proven successful in vision training and reducing risk of concussion among football players in a recent study.

The results of a recent study at the University of Cincinnati, titled “Exploratory Study of the Potential Effects of Vision Training on Concussion Incidence in Football,” have revealed a link between a decreased incidence of concussion among football players who had incorporated vision training as part of their pre-season training. The improved field awareness gained from vision training with the Dynavision D2 may help players be better prepared to avoid injuries that result in concussion.

Vision training has become an integral part of sports training and has been known to reduce the risk of injury, but quantifiable improvement in visual performance that results from it has not been previously demonstrated. The latest study, conducted among the University of Cincinnati football players in the period from 2010 to 2013, investigated the effects of vision training on peripheral vision and risk of concussion.

The vision training was conducted over the two weeks of preseason camp using the Dynavision D2 light board, strobe glasses, and tracking drills. Researchers measured the players’ reaction time data during each training session with the D2 and monitored the incidence of concussion over the course of the four consecutive seasons. They then compared the numbers to those from the seasons between 2006 and 2009.

The results showed a statistically significant lower rate of concussion among players who had vision training (1.4 concussions per 100 player seasons) than those who didn’t (9.2 concussions per 100 game exposures).

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The Dynavision D2 is a high performance tool for sports training and evaluation. There is no other single training device that better measures and trains reaction to a combination of challenges under increasing levels of stress. The Dynavision can fully engage the player’s central vision and simultaneously challenge and evaluate his peripheral vision and awareness while at the same time also training his gross motor and cognitive skills. The D2 can accurately track response to neuro-cognitive, gross motor, and visual tasks. Aside from sports, it is also widely used in neurological rehabilitation. There are currently more than 800 devices used in rehabilitation facilities across the United States.

The D2 light board contains 64 light switches arranged in five rings. These light up and make a sound when they are pressed, letting the user see the light, hear the sound, and feel the button when he presses it. By reacting to the lights on the board, the user trains hand-eye coordination, peripheral vision, speed and span of recognition, and visual reaction time. The device is also known to improve balance, economy of motion, and decision making under stress. During the training session with the D2, the user’s eyes are focused on the T-Scope (tachistoscope) which is positioned in the middle of the light board. The T-Scope is critical to successful vision training because it challenges the player’s peripheral awareness and trains it to higher levels. The combination of physical movement and response on the one hand and cognitive processing on the other makes the Dynavision an excellent tool for concussion management and reducing risk of injury.

Watch the video to see the D2 in action.


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