Interactive Fitness with the SMARTfit Trainer

Interactive Fitness with the SMARTfit Trainer images: MULTISENSORYFITNESS.COM 

The SMARTfit Trainer is an excellent tool for intense fitness, cardio and sports training, that allows users of all ages and abilities to have fun while going about their fitness routine.

The SMARTfit Trainer, an interactive fitness tool designed for gyms, fitness clubs, and multi-purpose rooms, is widely used in fitness and sports training programs. It is an electronic target system that combines interactive gaming technology with physical exercise, fitness and real sports activities. The SMARTfit Trainer got the highest grades for user enjoyment and energy expenditure in a research published in The Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine and is proven to be a reliable and durable fitness tool. Players exercise by chasing targets and get their heart rates up without even realizing how much effort they are putting into the game because they are focusing on the targets and having a great time.

The SMARTfit Trainer, manufactured by MultiSensory Fitness Inc., is part of the SMARTfit line of interactive fitness products. The SMARTfit Trainer is an effective and entertaining tool for users of all ages, from school age children and teenagers to seniors, as it offers a wide range of interactive exercise games, from soccer and basketball to tennis and lacrosse. It provides challenging workouts for users at all fitness levels, including beginners and users with special needs, and is very easy to use, as it has an intuitive interface that allows users to select workout programs via remote control or wall unit. Users also get progressive level programming, which means that the exercises can continually test their abilities and keep them engaged.

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The SMARTfit Trainer is popular among gym owners because the options it provides include personal training, group training boot camps, and event programming, which allows them to make a quick return on investment by providing a wide range of gym goers with a varied set of workout options to choose from.

The physical benefits of using the SMARTfit Trainer include improved agility, speed, motor skills, reaction time, and core strength as well as better cardio and functional fitness. Regular workouts also lead to better concentration and visual and spatial awareness. Athletes can also benefit significantly from using the SMARTfit Trainer, as it is an excellent tool for developing a wide range of sports skills, from catching and throwing to tracking, accuracy and kicking.

The SMARTfit Trainer is very popular among children as well. A study published in the Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine showed that, among a number of various active games included in the research, the SMARTfit Trainer yielded the highest calorie expenditure with a metabolic equivalent (MET) of 7.1 when played at a moderate to vigorous intensity, which is slightly higher than that of a challenging hike, which has a MET of 6 to 7. For comparison, Dance Dance Revolution has a MET of 5.4 and the Lightspace Bug Invasion game has 6.4. The children who participated in the study also liked the SMARTfit Trainer the best among the games included in the research.

To see some of the ways in which the SMARTfit Trainer can be used, watch the video.

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