EYE Fitness Offers Versatile Range of Interactive Fitness Products for Individuals and Businesses

EYE Fitness Offers Versatile Range of Interactive Fitness Products for Individuals and Businesses images: EYE FITNESS 

EYE Fitness offers innovative fitness solutions including Nexersys, SMARTfit, the Trixter bike and Fit Interactive products for application across a variety of sectors.

EYE Fitness, a leading supplier of innovative fitness equipment in Australasia, offers a varied range of interactive fitness products and technologies that facilitate exercise and make it fun for users of all ages. EYE (which stands for Excite Your Environment) is also dedicated to promoting the need for a balanced lifestyle through exercise. The company offers products that motivate people to stay active and provides individuals, businesses and organizations with proven technologies across a range of applications, including fitness and health, schools and community, and professional sports.

trixter bike

Products like SMARTfit, the Fit Interactive range and Traverse walls deliver a varied range of options to engage children and increase participation in PE, while equipment like the Nexersys interactive boxing machine and the Trixter X-Dream bike combine cardio and strength training while engaging users in interactive games.

trixter bike

The Trixter X-Dream, the most versatile upright interactive bike available on the market, lets users choose between traditional training programs while watching TV, virtual simulations of different rides, and the X-Dream mode, which features 100 competition levels and also offers multiplayer and ghost racing options.

trixter bike

SMARTfit solutions deliver interactive fitness training for all ages, with hundreds of options to choose from for any difficulty level. SMARTfit walls can be used as small, performance-based training stations or as a solution for large groups. They help improve users' reaction time, agility and coordination through a limitless range of activities.

smart fit

The Nexersys boxing station is a versatile tool for intense functional full-body workouts combined with high impact cardio. The device also trains striking technique and offers avatar sparring and follow-me rounds, providing users with instructions and feedback to keep them motivated and on target.


nexersys nexersys

Meanwhile, the Fit Interactive training solutions – 3Kick, HeavyBall and JumpQ – improve users’ functional movement, quickness, endurance, strength and agility through interactive games with point scoring and feedback.

fit interactive

Based in West Burleigh, Australia, EYE Fitness also offers regular fitness equipment, ranging from strength and cardio devices to fitness solutions for kids and functional and group training products. The company also offers business consulting services in the area of fitness and health, delivering education and license models to help businesses maximise their resources and be more successful.

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