Dynavision's RT1™ Reaction Trainer Trains and Tests Speed and Explosive Reaction

Dynavision's RT1™ Reaction Trainer Trains and Tests Speed and Explosive Reaction images: DYNAVISION INTERNATIONAL 

The RT1™ Reaction Trainer developed by Dynavision uses light discs to train and measure speed, explosive reaction, strength, endurance and balance.

Dynavision's RT1™ Reaction Trainer uses light discs that are placed in different patterns to make users' reactions quicker and more explosive. The trainer uses multiple colour lights and comes with ambient light adjustment options that make it convenient both for indoor and outdoor use. Coaches can position the light discs in pre-set or customized patterns to make reaction training more challenging and fun, and to motivate their team to perform better in each training session. The trainer can also be used by medical professionals, as it provides them with a tool for objective measurement of movement and reaction speed.

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The Dynalights track, measure and evaluate different aspects of users' performance, including reaction speed, balance, strength and endurance, while the RT1™ software monitors individual and team progress in each individual drill. The Dynalights are resistant to moisture and impact and the sensors are adjustable and track movement in close contact or up to 8 feet away. Dynavision's proprietary wireless technology offers performance feedback in real time with accurate data to the 1000th of a second.

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The RT1™ Reaction Trainer offers an endless variety of applications with a wide range of programmable options and mounting possibilities. It provides professionals across different disciplines with objective reports that facilitate progress monitoring and offer relevant data for baseline testing. The trainer can be used in sports training, strength training and conditioning, agility training, military and tactical training, physical and occupational therapy, and many other areas. In high performance sports, the trainer is an engaging, motivational tool to train explosive movements, reaction time and sprints, while medical professionals can use it to address any balance and gait deficits.

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The RT1™ Reaction Trainer is currently used in sports, clinical rehabilitation and pediatric settings around the world. It has received an outstanding response in beta testing and will be available for full release soon.

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