Find out more about the first online B2B platform dedicated to the growing global fitness and health gaming market and its products, solutions and services.

Two big markets connected and intertwined. Their synergy has created a foundation for a whole new kind of physical movement!

GAMIFICATION elements combined with fitness, sports, or physical therapy create a new kind of physical activity that offers challenge, feedback on your progress, and very often competition. Physical activity becomes fun, motivating and measurable.

Although there are other names used for this hybrid market, such as EXERGAMING, INTERACTIVE FITNESS, ACTIVE GAMING or similar, the name FITNESS GAMING brings to mind most immediately and vividly the key elements associated with our platform: fitness + gaming. operates through three business divisions: FG News, FG Club and Giving by Moving. The platform enables industry professionals working in the five markets – Fitness & Sports, Health & Rehab, Schools & Community, Events & Fun, and Home Fitness – to find extensive information and overviews of products and solutions in this new, specialised and fast-growing industry.’s mission is to build the ultimate online place for companies that create positive products using technology and games, and to showcase them to other industry professionals, enabling communication of their brands and ideas.

So if you need to find either your first or next fitness gaming asset, we believe the FG portal should be your first point of search and research as a platform that facilitates quick, direct contact between you and manufacturers.   

OUR COMPANY is powered by Fitness Gaming Group Ltd. based in Zagreb, Croatia. 

We have been present in the industry since 2008, working on various projects. was launched in 2014 and has developed from a news portal into the industry’s first online global B2B platform.


Dražen Bokun, CEO & Founder

Iris Kulik Bokun, Executive Manager FG News

Ana Bažulić, Executive Manager FG Club

Ivona Barić, Content Editor

Leon Bokun, Technical Advisor

Nola B., Events Assistant

Veronika Uravic Colak, Designer



FG News provides a cross-section of the entire fitness gaming market in a simple, organised way, based on five market areas in which the products and concepts are applied.

This method of market segmentation into Fitness & Sports, Health & Rehab, Schools & Community, Events & Fun, and Home Fitness makes it easier for professionals to explore market offerings and make decisions while planning and implementing any projects that involve interactive fitness or health products or concepts.

The FG News is for every professional who wants to keep current with the exciting and fast developing market of fitness gaming.

In order to be able to share in-depth overviews and information about products and solutions that apply technology in the areas of fitness, sports, health, wellness, and entertainment, we work with companies that specialise in this niche market area.

Company profiles that are linked to each piece of news provide you with a quick contact option to get in touch with the company of your interest.


Fitness Gaming Club


Coming soon!

Fitness Gaming Club is a unique business model that supports industry professionals in finding optimum solutions for their business needs.

We are currently working on the Fitness-Gaming Club concept.   

Please come back soon to learn more!



Giving by Moving  


Coming soon!

Giving by Moving platform brings together fitness gaming industry players and organisations dedicated to the promotion of health.


We are currently working on the GBM concept, please come back soon to learn more!

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